Sponsoring our network is a way to actively participating in the activities of the network. There are 2 ways you can be part of this great initiative and support by sponsoring;

  • Entire or part of an event by providing needs contributions such as financial to cover the cost of the venue, logistics, media coverage, entertainment, etc.
  • Other network needs such printed or published material for advertising purposes, business stationary, other organizational requirements, etc.

Sponsoring is easy and fun. It needs your support to make it success. To learn more please contact us by filling in this form.


  • Your business will become part of a growing network.
  • Depending on the type sponsorship, your business will become a member of the Network Council that approves network activities and plans.
  • By sponsoring your business will be allowed to display any promotional material at sponsored events and some cases, depending on the type of sponsorship, in non-sponsored events too.
  • Depending on type type of sponsorship, your business will be allowed to distribute other promotional material such as postcards, leaflets, T-Shirts, caps, etc. among participants.
  • As a sponsor you will also become one of the speakers of the event.


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