The network holds events for its members in a prestigious, relaxing, refreshing and stress-free venues. All events participants are required to adhere to the events terms and conditions including but not limited to;

  1. All events are members-only except honorary guests (VIP). Membership is open to every person who accepts and adheres to the membership terms and conditions.
  2. All events require pre-booking. Booking closes 15 days prior to the event date.
  3. There may be an event fee, on top of annual membership fee, charged at the time of booking that will be paid for the cost of the event. This fee may vary from event to event depending on participation, venue specifics (location, meals/refreshment, etc.), entertainment, media, organization, etc. All fees are non refundable. Each event invitation will detail what is on offer, where and how much.
  4. All participants are required to have respect for the event;
    1. Time: Start and closing times. Arrive and leave on time.
    2. Other Participants: We expect all participants to show respect by behaving a more courteous manner.
    3. Program: Each event will follow a strict program that details all aspects of the event including seating arrangement, who to speak, when and for how long, etc.
    4. Dress Code: This code may change from event to event depending on the event theme. The dress code will be stipulated in the invitation note.
    5. Organizers Instructions & Directions: Event organizers are tasked with the very difficult job of ensuring events offer exciting experience that has positive effect on participants.

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