DALLAD NETWORK or “DN” for short is a Professional Social Networking Platform (PSNP) founded by MOHAMED A ABDI in Minnesota (United States of America) in 2018 with main aim of bringing together the growing number of the entrepreneurs and professionals from the east African communities scattered in the US, Canada & Europe in a refreshing, relaxing and stress-free environment where they;

  • Meet ‘n’ Greet.
  • Exchange Ideas.
  • Raise Awareness.
  • Share Opportunities.
  • Promote Him/Herself.
  • Support One Another.
  • And Make Friendship.

Although this is an apolitical, non-tribal or non-fate based members-only social network, it is open to everyone who accepts and adheres to its core principals, values and standards regardless of gender or social background.

The network holds monthly, quarterly and annual events in as many areas, regions and countries as possible in order to attract as many members with the same views and interests as possible including North America, Europe and Africa (mainly East African region).

Registered members decide where (location) and when (date & time) to hold an event, who the keynote speakers will be & key topics.

To be part of this experience, all participants are required to;

  • First register as a MEMBER.
  • Book in advance to any specific EVENT interested even if already an existing member.
  • Arrive on time (10 min earlier is preferred)
  • Dress to the occasion (According to the event DRESS CODE as per invitation notice).
  • Respect event rules and conduct.

To learn more about;

  • Specific event details including Upcoming Events (Date, Venue, etc), Past Events, event Speakers and Sponsors, please visit EVENTS Page,
  • Member Benefits and how to become a Member please visit MEMBERS Page.
  • Speakership terms and how to become an event Speaker please visit how to become a Speaker Page.
  • Benefits of Sponsoring an Event and how to Sponsor an Event or some aspects of the Network can be fond on SPONSORS Page.

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